A tractor designed to exceed your expectations

With its Buffalo, Erreppi paves the way to the future through an extremely functional and daring tractor, completely developed in the name of user experience, productivity and sustainability. Originally introduced in the early 2000s as a mechanized solution for the in-field collection of fruit in the palm oil sector, the Erreppi Buffalo is nowadays considered as a one-of-a-kind concept tractor: its lightweight and modular design make it the perfect solution for all those who need an easily adaptable machine, with low consumption and the ability to ensure zero soil compaction.

Balancing productivity with environmental sustainability

Erreppi Buffalo allows to optimize and increase soil quality: this small tractor divides the crop tonnage to be evacuated into small carriages and do frequent cycles to have a higher crop quality per cycle. Thanks to its intelligent design Erreppi Buffalo protects the soil structure and allows the superficial root system to support the growth of perfectly healthy plants: this translates into an increase in productivity in the long term and a decisive step towards environmental sustainability, two essential factors for the future of agriculture. The improvement does not only concern the soil, but also the daily capacity of harvesting and transporting fruits from the plantation: with Erreppi Buffalo, your work will be more efficient, more productive and more profitable.


We lend wings to your ideas

Erreppi Buffalo is all about change: a change in perspective and in the global approach of developing a tractor. Its strength lies in its versatility: its modular aesthetic has been designed to allow the user to adapt the Buffalo to every type of terrain and accomplish numerous tasks. Its structure is made up of 5 essential components which can be easily changed in less than an hour: this is a big advantage for in-field repair operations. Erreppi Buffalo can be customized with several implementing applications: users from all over the globe use it for fruit harvesting, fumigation, as a fertilizer spreader or general transport as well, but the options available are limitless. This capability can empower anyone with an idea to create its own concept to boost productivity and respond to specific needs.
Where heavy tractors fail, Erreppi Buffalo stands out for the strength and reliability it guarantees in heavy off-road conditions such as in tropical areas, where we are sector leaders. More than 5,000 units are currently working around the world, from Indonesia to Central and South America: we are pointing the way for a new smart farming, feel free to join the club.



4x4 traction

Better grip

Diesel engine 11 Hp

Low fuel consumption

Central articulation +/- 15°

Permanent traction

Flotation tyres

Zero compaction

5 speeds + 1 RV

Range fluidity

Ergonomic load height (1.05/1.15 mt.)

Occupational health

Tare 780 kg


Load capacity 900 kg


Hydraulic tipping 1.20/2.30 mt


Disc brakes at all four wheels

Operator safety

Innovation comes to life

Inspiration drives technological leadership, and technological leadership drives customer value. As part of our ongoing effort to help define smart farming, with the Erreppi Buffalo we were the first to license a means of transport that is worldwide considered as the first example of a new generation of tractors.

Easy to drive

Thanks to its basic control panel, small size and high ergonomic drive position Erreppi Buffalo is easy to drive and maneuver. These features make it the perfect tractor for female workers and for all those who require stability, safety and practicality to a vehicle: a giant step towards inclusive mobility in agriculture.

Energy efficient

To run an Erreppi Buffalo for 8 hours, only 5,2 liters (1,4 gallons) of fuel per day are needed: it boasts new, performance-enhancing, fuel-saving technology that helps you save money. Plus, you got only 0.50 kg/cm (12 psi) of soil compaction: 25% of that of a 40HP tractor. Without a doubt, Buffalo is the cornerstone to build an environmentally sustainable business.

A new tractor experience

With its simple but effective formula, Erreppi Buffalo offers an innovative, safe and boundary-pushing driving experience in all types of terrain, especially peat, soft, wet soils and hilly conditions. It is more than a tractor, it is an idea just waiting to be applied to the next challenge: we started by breaking a paradigm and we look forward to doing it again.

Wide tread tires

Erreppi Buffalo has been utilizing Low Ground Pressure (LGP) tires, also known as Low Wind Pressure Tires, right from the start. These tires require only 12 psi of air pressure for inflation. This aspect holds significant importance for our equipment as it helps in preserving soil density and ensuring the fertility of roots. This, in turn, plays a crucial role in sustaining overall plant fertility. The true impact of this factor might not be immediately apparent, but it will manifest over time.
The use of these low-pressure tires also offers dependable traction, especially when the equipment operates in challenging terrains like peatlands, wet soil, and hilly landscapes. The LGP tire concept additionally functions as a form of suspension for the tool, resulting in a substantial reduction in damage caused by vibrations.


Our concept tractor unveiled


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